29 Ocak 2008 Salı

Living With Asthma

The most important thing you can do when you have asthma is understand how to control your attacks and what type of things trigger of your attacks. Your doctor should also prescribe medication or some sort for you to take or a regular basis, you should also sort out other forms of medication such as natural remedies.

To live a happy and asthma free life you should come up with some sort of action plan with your doctor. Have a schedule or routine that makes you both happy and on the way to a healthy life. You can:

* Find out from your doctor if your medication or natural remedies are affecting your asthma.

* Plan for regular checkups with your doctor.

* Use your medication correctly for example learn how to use your inhaler correctly.

Talk to your doctor to determine what triggers your asthma attacks or what can worsen your condition. Here are some examples.

* When having pets in the house make sure that your not allergic to them if you are you will have to pay more attention to washing your pets, and you may have to put them outside and away from where your sleep.

* You should not smoke or be near people that smoke often especially in your own home.

* Exercise regularly but do not over do it. Some exercise are great for asthma sufferers like swimming. However consult your doctor and find out which exercise is best for you. With regular exercise you can stop exercise induced asthma.

* Check the pollen count and if your allergic to pollen you should stay indoors when there is a high pollen count. Make sure you turn on your air conditioner so you don't have to breath the outside air.

* Try not to get sick from colds and flues by keeping your immune system strong. Talk to your doctor for more advise.

* Make sure you don't have dust mites. One way to ensure this is to clean your blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and stuffed toys regularly.

* Avoid spray cans such as perfumes, air fresheners and deodorants.

* Do not use humidifiers it can cause an attack.

* Clean your house often to reduce the amount microscopic dust mites and particles in the air.

In conclusion you should practise a healthier lifestyle by adopting the right diet, exercise, and action plan that you planed with your doctor.

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